Labor Amnesty for All

The ongoing push to ‘secure borders’ and deport illegal immigrants is rooted in economic uncertainty of the American working class. Yet we must embrace an open door policy granting work permits for immigrants that not only brings in needed labor, but also younger people willing to work, starting families, paying taxes and contributing to a secure future of an ever aging American population.

Embrace Amnesty. Let the already present 11 million workers stay. Let’s secure our economic future together. To those who give shall be given.

When Justice Harms Children

When King Solomon had to decide which of two women claiming to be the mother of a child, he took up a sword and proposed to give each claimant half of the child. The mother immediately rescinded to take the child to save its life. So the king knew that she was the mother of the child and gave it to her.

If only it were that simple in today’s family courts. Children as young as one year old are ‘split’ in half by judges, forced to shuttle back and forth between two alternate worlds. And some children end up dead.

While most children’s lives are not at risk, many end up in the hands of abusers. Unable to protect vulnerable children, family court judges give custody to men in jail, to men who have a restriction order against them from another judge, and to men a child is afraid to be with. Court sanctioned abuse occurs in the name of equality, the professed importance of rising a child by both a mother and a father.

How is this possible? Like any court system, the family courts are only as good as the protection they provide to the innocent, or here more appropriately, the vulnerable. And protect they cannot. This is not about the many cases where judges have to create some order in the turbulent lives of disrupted families. This is about men able to manipulate a system that is ripe with corruption, a money industry of child support and evaluation services, court fees, lawyer fees, and worst of all unaccountable judges that do not have proper oversight, and if they do, the system first protects the judge rather than the children.

It is hard to grasp the mind of an abuser, if not experienced first hand. Why would they want to hurt a child or its mother, or both? Abusers crave control. Control over money, control over the lives of others. Their control over a victim is enabled simply by the ability to hold the other party captive to the court process. The ability to force women into very costly custody battles. And adding insult to injury, women fiercely fighting for their child are often accused of parental alienation, a corrosive concept that puts parental rights over those of a child to be safe. Able to demonstrate alienation from his child, the abuser usually gets his prey.

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Climate change and the economy of scale

When it comes to global warming, cost-benefit analysis by Bjorn Lomborg* shows that investing in adaptive strategies (building protective infrastructure, developing renewable energy) is superior to coaxing people into using less fossil fuel through indirect measures like cap-and-trade and carbon taxes. Thus we should invest money into the pursuit of tenable strategies that prepares the infrastructure of the most likely affected (e.g. storm levies against see level rises) from probable harm now. Costs are upfront and visible to all, while CO2 level targets are fashionable and sexy sounding (e.g., yet their link to specific damages occurring in the future are unpredictable. Information, not fear.